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My elderly mother rang Julipa to place an order, which she managed to do ok, but the sales man then proceeded to try to sell her offers, after the 3rd offer which my mother kept saying no to, he asked is it worth me telling you some more, she said no but he continued.

He then said ok your order is placed, my mother mentioned she hadn't paid, he said no we invoice you, she said no I want to pay now, he said you can't now it's too late you should have said you wanted to at the beginning, he hadn't explained this or given her the option.

My mother then said I want to cancel my order then, he refused to cancel it and told her it was too late she had to have it.

I have since spoken to Mohammed in customer services who has assured us they will now cancel, having read the other comment on here I wonder if they will ?

I have told them I intend to report this to Trading standards as I felt the salesman bullied my mother, was forceful and totally unprofessional and tried to keep her on the phone call that we paid for to sell other goods that she hadn't seen or wanted from the catalogue.

We have requested to be taken off the mailing list and will no longer deal with this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Salisbury, England, United Kingdom #753023

Julipa seems to be becoming notorious for the hard-sell and confusion. I ordered some goods which it transpired were 'out of stock and no more anticipated'.

I too got the call from one of Julipa's operators who said the goods were, in fact, in stock and placed my order for me. She then went through the 'special offers' and I ordered 4 pillows. I was quite happy with placing my order but only the pillows arrived. I then received a missing parcels form which I completed and returned but in acknowledgement, received a bill for £161.69!!!!!

I wrote again to Julipa and by way of receipt, got another missing parcels form. I have just written again to Julipa setting out full information and asking them to 'phone me to clear up this on-going matter but don't suppose I shall get a call.

A cut off point with this company is looming I feel. Is this how they make their money I wonder - by conning unsuspecting customers?

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